I'm not going to sugar coat this one for you, giving birth is the craziest thing you'll ever do. It's beautiful, and messy, and scary, and intimate, and just plain crazy. What an incredible and mind blowing experience to create a new human life! It's what makes women so amazing and so strong. It shows how adaptable and resilient we are, and how much love we can hold in our hearts. Speaking honestly, giving birth was the proudest moment and accomplishment of my life. I think it is always a good idea to have professional photographs to remember it. When I photograph births, I am like a fly on the wall. I don't intrude or intervene. I am there to document the true emotion and everything that happens in the room so that you can remember every single little detail. And I'll put it all in an album for you to keep forever.

Included in your birth:

In-person meet and greet to plan your photos

Labor and birth coverage

One hour after birth coverage

On call for two weeks prior to birth

16 page 12x12 album

Engraved wooden USB drive

Online viewing and ordering gallery with images for printing

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